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Curs de ninja


Curs de ninja


Ninja Breakout is the most challenging functional area in the trampoline park, and its concept comes from the competitive reality show "American Ninja Warrior", which has now developed into a brand new sport. The project mainly has a sponge bag, suspended door, walking bridge, floating bridge, hand ring, foot ring, circle slide, swinging bar, knot high, net barrel climb, swing rope, balance beam, ladder and other functional items, is a fun and challenging set of running, jumping, climbing and balance test as one of the entertainment-type fitness projects

Com jugar

Players through running, jumping, climbing, balancing and other actions through all the projects in turn, and finally reach the end of the press the time stop button. The fastest player through the time record will be recorded on the scoreboard, for other players to challenge. Multiple players will be challenged in turn and the shortest time will win.

Value significance

Whole body coordination exercise, can exercise the pectoral muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles and the strength of the limbs muscles. In the process of breaking through to get a variety of experiences such as excitement, success, failure, can enrich their feelings and experience. Exercise the player's guts, enhance self-confidence and strategic thinking, perseverance and determination to reach the goal. Use entertainment to achieve sports fitness, training the size of the hands and feet muscles strong and powerful, physical strength than ordinary people.

Consells de seguretat

Dragging other players during the competition is prohibited.


El personal del parc de trampolins ha de mantenir i provar regularment tots els equips d'atraccions, i s'han de mantenir regularment segons el codi de manteniment, i qualsevol problema o dany trobat s'ha de reparar i substituir a temps.

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